Effective Nutritional Guidance for Obesity by Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD) | Abstract

➣ Special Issue: Case Report

➣ Asp Biomed Clin Case Rep, vol.2, no.s1: 16-21, 2019

Nakamura T1,2, Kawashima T1,2, Dobashi M1,2, Narita A1,2, Bando H2,3*

1Nakamura Orthopedic Clinic and Anti-Aging Center, Kawanishi, Hyogo, Japan

2Japan Low Carbohydrate Diet Promotion Association (JLCDPA), Kyoto, Japan

3Tokushima University,/ Medical Research, Tokushima, Japan

Corresponding Author: Hiroshi Bando, MD, PhD, FACP

Address: Tokushima University /Medical Research, Nakashowa 1-61, Tokushima 770-0943, Japan.

Received date: 02 January 2019; Accepted date: 19 January 2019; Published date: 27 January 2019


Background: Authors have continued treating patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome by application of Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD). Furthermore, we have continued presenting various reports about nutrition and educational guidance and developing LCD medically and socially through the activity of Japan LCD Promoting Association (JLCDPA).

Study Protocol: Subjects enrolled were 2773 patients with obesity who received nutritional guidance in our clinic. Methods include i) weight reduction program on the intervention of LCD and guidance by registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), ii) LCD with 33% of carbohydrate, and iii) Practice of guidance including self-monitoring, lifestyle, motivation, determination for the goal, evaluation.

Results and Discussion: Nutritional guidance has been carried out on a regular basis by three RDNs. Weight reduction was: 10% or more was observed in 666 (24.0%), and 5.0 – 9.9% was in 863 (31.2%). In other words, the reduction of 5.0% or more was 55.2%, and 3.0% or more was 71.4%. Our nutritional guidance has been made as a manual for weight reduction program. It includes various factors, such as Self-Regulation Empowerment, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. These results would become basal and reference data for future research in the field of weight reduction.

Citation: Nakamura T, Kawashima T, Dobashi M, et al., “Effective Nutritional Guidance for Obesity by Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD)”, Asp Biomed Clin Case Rep, vol.2, no.s1: 16-21, 2019.

Copyright © 2019 Nakamura T, Kawashima T, Dobashi M, et al., This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Key Words: Obesity; Low Carbohydrate Diet (LCD); Weight Reduction; Nutritional Guidance; Self-Regulation Empowerment Program (SREP); Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Abbreviation: LCD: Low Carbohydrate Diet; T2DM: Type 2 diabetes mellitus; CR: Calorie Restriction; SREP: Self-Regulation Empowerment Program; RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; JLCDPA: Japan LCD Promoting Association



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