Asploro Cardiovascular Case Reports and Research

Here are some editorial guidelines for publishing with Asploro Cardiovascular Case Reports and Research:

1. Manuscript Submission: Authors can submit their manuscripts through the online submission system on the journal’s website or by email to the editorial office.
2. Manuscript Preparation: Manuscripts should be prepared according to the journal’s guidelines, which include the use of a clear and concise writing style, appropriate headings and subheadings, and adherence to ethical standards.
3. Peer Review Process: All manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo a rigorous peer review process by experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine. Authors can expect to receive feedback from the reviewers, who will make recommendations for revisions and improvements.
4. Ethical Standards: Authors are expected to follow ethical standards in their research and writing, including the use of appropriate citation practices, adherence to guidelines for human and animal research, and disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest.
5. Copyright and Licensing: Authors retain the copyright to their work, but are required to grant Asploro Cardiovascular Case Reports and Research a license to publish and distribute the work. The journal follows a Creative Commons license, which allows for open access and dissemination of the content.
6. English Language: Manuscripts should be written in clear and concise English, and authors whose first language is not English may want to consider using professional editing services to ensure that the manuscript is of the highest quality. [Note: Asploro will provide language editing services at additional cost]

Overall, authors are encouraged to review the journal’s guidelines in detail before submitting their manuscripts, to ensure that their work meets the highest standards of quality and relevance in the field of cardiovascular medicine.