Online Manuscript Submission System

Open Access uses Online Manuscript Submission, review and tracking system for quality and quick review process. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their Reviews/Rebuttal form to the Editor and Publisher. Editors and Publisher will accomplish the peer review process.

Important Steps

  • Choose the best journal for your work

  • Asploro journals are completely Open Access and vary in their criteria for publication. Asploro encourages authors to consider carefully each journal’s scope before submitting a manuscript.

  • Review journal publishing policies and the Open Access license agreement

  • Asploro encourages authors to review the core Editorial and Publishing Policies as well as any journal-specific policies. The Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license applies to all works at Asploro.

  • Prepare your manuscript according to journal guidelines

  • Authors should ensure their manuscript is ready for submission by adhering to all relevant style and formatting guidelines

  • Submit your work, together with additional requested information